Power BI Training Session With Transmarco Asia

We are proud to announce another important milestone in our company history. Today marks the first day of our Power BI training session with Transmarco Asia.

As the demand for data-driven business intelligence is increasing lately, Transmarco Asia has recognized the needs to create dashboard report with BI assistance and choose Microsoft Power BI as one of the most sophisticated BI product in the market.

Established since 1998, Transmarco Asia is an omnichannel lifestyle company connecting brands to end users across Southeast Asia.

As a consumer centric company, Transmarco Asia relentlessly pushes its limit to deliver frictionless omnichannel shopping experience to its consumer.

WIth a quarter million square feet Distribution Centre, Transmarco Asia is serving over a million consumer a year in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Transmarco Asia partnered with leading global lifestyle brand companies from the US,  Europe and Latin America. Providing its consumer with selection of brands such as Caterpillar, Hush Puppies, KARE, LeSportSac, Obermain, Playboy and many more.

WIth more than 2000 employees, Transmarco Asia has been transforming many individuals by elevating them to continuously attain further growth.

It is one of the main reason why Transmarco Asia choose us to help train their employees acquiring the skills of creating BI report with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI is a technology-driven business intelligence tool provided by Microsoft for analyzing and visualizing raw data to present actionable information.

It combines business analytics, data visualization, and best practices that help an organization to make data-driven decisions.

Power BI Training with Transmarco Asia

Power BI Training session with Transmarco Asia

The Power BI training will commence in 3 days starting from today until June 6, 2024. The Power BI training starts from the fundamental such as introduction to Power BI, how to get the data, clean it, transform it, and load the data, how to do Data Modeling, and simple measures & visual.

Next up is the DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), how to optimize the model and performance, how to manage the report visual design, managing workspaces and models, and finally creating the Dashboard, RLS, and Incremental Refresh.

With the help of Power BI Training, Transmarco Asia is now able to create their own dashboard reports to analyze and visualize data from multiple data sources and extract important insights to solve their crucial business problems and help Top Management making decisions based on reliable data.

With Power BI, Transmarco Asia can now pull in the data faster and perform real-time analysis to derive insights from data.

Transform your data into actionable insights with Power BI so you can empower your business decisions to stay "top of mind" with your customers. 

Join Transmarco Asia and unleashed the full potential of your data by contacting us below. See you at the top!